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Steam Turbine and Generator User Group 2018

Date: 21-Mar-18 to 22-Mar-18
Join peer-reviewed presentations that detail the latest technologies for steam turbines and generators, alongside case studies that identify successful strategies and findings from industry-leading OEMs. Whether you are involved in the design, manufacture, operation, management and maintenance of steam turbine and generator assets, this is THE event to stay up to date and benefit from the shared experience of the turbine engineering community. 2018 KEYNOTE The Transforming Energy Industry Barbara Vest, Director of Generation, Energy UK TOPICS TO BE ADDRESSED INCLUDE: - Plant operation and ownership - Plant mothballing, storage and returning plant to service following extended shutdown - Power insurance and risk management - Turbine and generator failures, case studies ...

Internet of Things 4 Food Conference, Dublin 2018

Date: 21-Mar-18 to 23-Mar-18
Location: Dublin / Ireland
The conference will focus on the development of Internet of Things for Food (IoT4F). Internet of Things is the interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data via the Internet. The conference will consider the full food chain from primary production to consumer. The plenary sessions will address industry, academic, regulation / NGO and investment interests in IoT4F, with a focus on: 1.) Observation and characterization of objects (e.g. sensing farm and food and deriving quantitative measures) 2.) Robotic devices (in the widest possible sense, including smart kitchens and 3D food printing), 3.) Digitizing IoT4F data (sensors, data pipelines and subsequent computation) 4.) Applications for food safety, sustainability and security ...

Palo Alto Networks: Palo Alto Networks ve Forescout’la Atak Alanını Dara...

Date: 21-Mar-18 to 21-Mar-18
Location: Turkey
Günümüzde siber suçlular eskiden olduğundan daha akıllı, daha gizli ve daha zararlı yazılımlar ile ataklarına devam ediyorlar. Buna karşın kısa bir süre önce ForeScout ; BT güvenlik tehditlerine karşı çok önemli etkisi olan Palo Alto Networks WildFire için tehdit bilgisi edinebilecek genişletilmiş bir modül yayınladı. Aynı zamanda bu modül virüs bulaşmış son nokta hakkında ForeScout CounterACT ®'ı bilgilendirilmesini sağlamaktadır. Bu yeni modül, ağdaki son noktaların geri kalanında aynı enfeksiyonun bulunup bulunmadığı otomatik olarak tarayabilir, lokal arama yapabilir ve virüs daha fazla zarar vermeden önce izole edilebilir ve iyileştirilebilir. Siz değerli kullanıcılarımızı, Palo Alto Networks WildFire için geliştirilmiş ForeScout Genişletilmiş Modülü entegrasyonu ile ağ güvenliğinizi ...

New Perspectives in Science Education - 7th edition

Date: 22-Mar-18 to 23-Mar-18
Location: Florence / Italy
Call for Papers The 7th edition of the New Perspectives in Science Education Conference will take place in Florence, Italy, on 22 - 23 March 2018. The objective of the New Perspectives in Science Education Conference is to promote transnational cooperation and share good practice in the field of innovation for science education. The New Perspectives in Science Education Conference is also an excellent opportunity for the presentation of previous and current projects in the science field. The Call for Papers, within the New Perspective in Science Education Conference, is addressed to teachers, researchers and experts in the field of science education as well as to coordinators of science and training projects. Experts in the field of science teaching and learning are therefore ...

MBition CodeFest - Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab

Date: 22-Mar-18 to 24-Mar-18
Location: Berlin / Germany
BREAKDOWN OF THE CODE FEST - Three separate hacking competitions across three consecutive days. - Each day will bring in a new group of participants. - Two challenges to tackle: ➢ A one-hour individual challenge, tailor-made for your expertise. ➢ A three and a half hour challenge where you will be working on actual problems faced by the MBition team. Each team will be dedicated an MBition employee to guide and lend you their expertise when needed. What's in it for me? A job offer from At the end of the day, you could be invited to undergo a 20-minute interview with MBition's recruitment department and possibly walk away with a new job. Who can participate? Whether you’re a professional with years of work under your belt or a recent graduate, you’re welcome to ...

Digital Automotive Manufacturing 2018 Conference Detroit March 2018

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 26-Mar-18
Location: United States
Continuous improvement processes are increasingly data-driven, as factories are upgraded with digital, connected machines. However, technology is advancing faster than your staff or business strategy. The leading automotive manufacturers of the near future will be those most able to leverage data to identify a competitive edge. Digital Automotive Manufacturing 2018 will explore the vision for this digital transformation. You’ll hear best practices to integrate the efforts of your team and build a cutting-edge infrastructure fit for process optimization. Through establishing your business strategy, aligning and training your people and implementing the right technology, this conference will outline the steps you need to take to save time, cut costs and increase quality in your ...

The Aglanta Conference 2018

Date: 27-Mar-18 to 28-Mar-18
Location: Atlanta / United States
After a hugely successful 2017 event (270+ attendees, 96% would recommend to a friend), Agritecture has again partnered with the City of Atlanta and Southern Company to produce 2018’s most dynamic & memorable controlled environment agriculture conference. Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing pattern of cities and conferences focusing on the "Smart City". These conversations tend to encompass everything from IoT to AI to automation, but almost always leave agriculture out of the picture. AgLanta 2018 will challenge this dominant notion of Smart Cities by Can a city really be “smart” without agriculture? Presentations, Workshops, and Panel discussions will range from automation as a means to reduce waste, to big data as a key component of maximizing ...

TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services 2018

Date: 27-Mar-18 to 27-Mar-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services 2018 is Marketforce’s inaugural artificial intelligence conference addressing the current and future impact of artificial intelligence on the financial services sector. Join us for lively discussions, insightful presentations, and exciting networking opportunities at this important new artificial intelligence conference especially relevant to all those in financial services. How will AI transform financial services? The constant and increasingly rapid evolution of artificial intelligence offers a whole new world of opportunity for those forward-looking enough to harness its potential. New entrants to the market together with changing customer expectations make innovation essential to remaining competitive. Why Attend? • Unmissable opening ...

Smart Agri Congress Africa

Date: 27-Mar-18 to 28-Mar-18
Location: Nairobi / Kenya
SACA is an international platform to provide the industry with a global platform to access the latest technology and research in technological advancements in African agriculture.