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The Sky's the Limit: Pursue a Career in Cloud Administration

Date: 22-Jul-18 to 22-Jul-18
Location: Mississauga / Canada
With over 30,000 new computer systems manager jobs opening up across Canada, through 2024, now is the perfect time to start working towards a Cloud Engineer diploma. Reserve your seat today and find out why an IT career is the right fit for you. Take your IT career to new heights with a Cloud Engineer diploma! BizTech College is proud to host a free open house, where anyone interested in launching an IT career can come and have all their questions answered by an industry expert. Get personalized career advice from our instructor and learn firsthand what it’s like working in tech. For new graduates to experienced IT professionals and everyone in between, a Cloud Engineer diploma is the perfect step for launching, or advancing, a lucrative IT career. Join the conversation by following #...

Advancing Computational Building Design

Date: 23-Jul-18 to 25-Jul-18
Location: New York / United States
Given the construction industry’s growing demand for design optimization and quicker feedback on each iteration, computation is an inevitable disruptive force in building architecture and engineering. However challenges around ease of use, workflow integration and speed of execution remain barriers to mass adoption. Advancing Computational Building Design 2018 returns for its second year to explore the best practices in developing a computational team, integrating computation into design processes, sharing tools across the industry and proving its commercial value to gain buy-in. Stay ahead of the curve and walk away with practical strategies and solutions for establishing and advancing computational design on your projects. Join in the conversation and computation community – check out ...

Palo Alto Networks: Cyber Tuesday – Cyber Range Level 1

Date: 24-Jul-18 to 24-Jul-18
Location: United States
Welcome to the next step in security training. Part immersive video game, part skills workshop and part team-building exercise, Cyber Range is the antidote to standard, dry-as-dust, snooze-fest training. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, high-tech, FUN way to learn the very latest security strategies and techniques, then look no further! At the  Cyber Range , you and your teams will: - Master skills and techniques  by identifying and preventing live attacks with best practices tips from our experienced instructors. - Create and test different strategies  by researching and responding to real-world threats. - Strengthen your execution  by building and testing end-to-end prevention processes while battling other teams during full-on cyberattack scenarios. What’s more, you’ll receive a ...

Pop Goes the Technosphere at RIBA North

Date: 24-Jul-18 to 24-Jul-18
Location: United Kingdom
This open discussion will explore the emerging technologies that are driving new biological narratives, edging towards a new urban paradigm. The conversation will be supported by slides of Biopolus’s global projects, and István Kenyeres’ reaction to being invited to be a member of the Circular Economy 100 Directory by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. ---- István István Kenyeres is a chemical engineer and self-described biotechnologist. That means that his interests in public space, resource distribution, and urban living are almost always filtered through the lens of micro-organisms, animals and biological ecosystems. His invention – the Biopolus concept – uses the richness of microbial communities higher-level organisms that naturally live in the root zones of plants. The ...

Palo Alto Networks: Enabling Digital Transformation in the Cloud

Date: 26-Jul-18 to 26-Jul-18
Location: Malaysia
According to the 451 Group®, enterprise IT executives expect 60 percent of workloads will run in the cloud by 2018. While the cloud service provider infrastructure is likely highly secure, your applications and data in the public cloud are only secure with your help; a fact not always clear to the business groups and DevOps teams driving public cloud adoption. Join us for a session to learn about how to enable digital transformation in the cloud. You will hear about:

Palo Alto Networks: UTD NGFW - Bangalore 26 July 2018

Date: 26-Jul-18 to 26-Jul-18
Location: India
Join us for The Ultimate Test Drive, where you'll get hands-on experience with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. In this free workshop, you will configure security policies that will ultimately restore visibility and control over the applications, users and content traversing your network. From this workshop, you will be able to: - Establish policies to enable applications based on users and groups - Learn how to enable application features while restricting others  - Configure a policy that decrypts, inspects and allows SSL traffic  - Safely enable mobile devices using GlobalProtect™   PLEASE NOTE: This workshop requires attendees to provide their own laptop  

Lifestyle Business Convention London (limited free tickets)

Date: 28-Jul-18 to 29-Jul-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Learn What the most successful businesses are How to market your own How to work smart and not The 10 principles of success in What business models are To save time and money figuring it out The biggest secrets to success and failure in your Speakers: Paul O'Mahony - Social Media Sloan Sheridan-Williams - Celebrity Success Andy Harrington - Professional Vince Tan - Business Startup Armand Morin - Lifestyle Business John Lee - Online Vincent Wong - Property Get a place via: NO ENTRY WITHOUT A TICKET. YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH A TICKET WHEN YOU HAVE REGISTERED ONLINE! Why You Need To Most people trade time for money and ...

Lifestyle Business Convention in London (limited free tickets)

Date: 28-Jul-18 to 29-Jul-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
The goal is to create a business that earns an income for you rather than you working for it. This is known as passive income. There are so many ways to do it and at this next event we will be sharing tried and tested strategies backed up with proof so you know that these strategies work! By the time you leave the event you will be able to start your own business within 30 days and start getting results for your business. Learn What the most successful businesses are How to market your own How to work smart and not The 10 principles of success in What business models are To save time and money figuring it out The biggest secrets to success and failure in your Speakers: Paul O'Mahony - Social Media Sloan Sheridan-Williams - ...

EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ - Best Strategies / London (limited free tickets)

Date: 28-Jul-18 to 28-Jul-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
ARE YOU... A coach, speaker, consultant or expert in your field looking to make a big impact in the world, leave a legacy but your business feels like a jigsaw puzzle that just needs to be pieced together? Have you been in business for few years, got good results and you are now ready to play in the A leagueand be side by side with other industry leaders? Are you looking for a long term solution that will allow you to scale your expert business to multiple six figures whilst constantly overdelivering and building a solid reputation for yourself and your brand? Are you tired to work every single hours under the sun and you are now ready to create a systemised business that does not depend solely on yourself? If the answer is yes you are going to love our free event EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ ...